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New £20 note compatible parts

Prepare your business for the early 2020 release with the new £20 note compatible products below. We carry a wide selection of compatible note acceptors and programmers. Compatible note acceptors are available both new and refurbished as part of our Quality Used Parts range.


NEW Note Acceptors (New £20 note compatible)

Refurbished Note Acceptors (New £20 note compatible)

Programmers (New £20 note compatible)


Book your note acceptor into the workshop today


Book your note acceptor into the workshop today to upgrade it in time for the new £20 note’s early 2020 release. Please refer to the PDF above for a complete list of upgradable note acceptors.


Ardac Elite Update

The New £20 Note update is now available for the Ardac Elite note validator. To update you can book your Ardac Elite in with e-service for servicing. Alternatively, you can get a working unit shipped out to you on the same day though our Advanced Replacements service, paying for the cost of the update. Please not that the costs of Advanced Replacement are subjects to the condition of the returned unit. If the returned unit falls short of the advanced replacement’s condition, you may receive additional charges.

Please Note: CPI will no longer be supporting the Ardac Elite following this update:

  • This is the very last bill set development for Ardac. There will NOT be any further bill sets for this product.
  • There will NOT be any further development for Ardac.
  • CPI declines any responsibility for problems arising from fraud attempts, security breaches, decline in performance or any other malfunction of this product.
  • CPI will NOT attempt to solve any of the above issues by developing corrective new firmware for the Ardac.
  • Technical support has ceased for this product.
ardac elite


Ardac Elite Update

When is the new Polymer £20 pound note released?

The new note is set to release on 20/02/2020, the 20th of February 2020.

Older £20 notes will still be viable until the date given for their withdrawal. The Bank of England will announce the withdrawal date after the new Polymer £20 note has been issued. The withdrawal date will have a six month notice, allowing older £20 notes to be traded into banks and post offices.


What are the security features of the new £20 pound note?

The new polymer 20 pound note contains a number of intricate security features that help to protect against fraud. The polymer note features foil patches with 3D images, holographic text that changes from one word to another and a hidden number that only appears under ultra-violet light.


Similar to previous notes, the new £20 polymer has raised dots that appear close to the price of the note. There are several transparent windows that appear on the note and help to identify the authenticity of the note.


The note features a large transparent window with a blue and yellow foil image. On the reverse side of the note, the foil image is silver. In the corner of the note is a second smaller window, with a raised surface. The raised surface shows a repeating pattern of the number 20, which can be seen and felt.