Pool Table Complete Solution Kit – Deluxe


This deluxe complete solution pool table felting kit includes a pool table bed and cushion cloth set along with everything you need to for a complete pool table set.


This pool table cloth is available from UK sizes 6′ to 9′

Click here for a complete guide to pool table sizes


This advanced pool starter kit contains:

  • UK sizes pool table cloth in green, blue or red
  • Color-matched pool cue chalk
  • Kwik-Tak pool table cloth adhesive
  • 2 Solid Wood two-piece pool cues (57″)
  • Aramith pool ball set
  • Spider rest complete with cue stick
  • Cross rest complete with cue stick
  • 100 replacement pool cue tips
  • Triangle pool rack
  • Set of coloured chalk
  • Pool table brush
  • 6-way Mahogany Cue Rack
  • Ambersil pool cloth cleaner spray
  • 50 individual 12mm pool table spots
  • Pool table D-Marker strip
  • Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker Pen (for D Marker)
  • Black Baulk Marking Pencil
    • 36.5 £