Pool table cloth felting kit


This complete pool table felting kit includes a pool table bed and cushion cloth set along with everything you need to re felt your pool table and prepare it for play. This set comes in the colours green, blue and red as well as a box of colour-matching pool chalks.


This pool table cloth is available from UK sizes 6′ to 9′

Click here for a complete guide to pool table sizes


This complete pool table marking kit includes:

  • UK sizes pool table cloth in green, blue or red
  • Color-matched pool cue chalk
  • Kwik-Tak pool table cloth adhesive
  • Pool table brush
  • Ambersil pool cloth cleaner spray
  • Pool table D-Marker strip
  • Marking pencil
  • Permanent marker pen
  • 50 individual 12mm pool table spots
    • 36.5 £