Pool Starter Kit – Pro


This the pro pool starter kit, with absolutely every thing you need to play pro-level pool games. This pro kit also contains everything needed to mark and maintain your pool table, allowing you to always have a you table in peak performance and looking like a pro’s.

This pool set comes with the solid wood two-piece pool cues, the standard for professional pool games. This kit also contains complete cross and spider cue sticks, so you can be ready to take any possible shot. These four cue sticks can be safely rested in the high quality mahogany wood cue rack, keeping them safe from bumps and scuffs. Set up a new table for marking, this kit comes with 50 individual 12mm pool spots, a marking pencil, a permanent marker pan and D-Marker strip to guide the marks with. This kit also contains an Ambersil pool cloth cleaner spray with a pool table cleaning brush, so you can keep your pool table clean and at it’s best performance gamer after game!


This advanced pool starter kit contains:

  • 2 Solid Wood two-piece pool cues (57″)
  • Aramith pool ball set
  • Spider rest complete with cue stick
  • Cross rest complete with cue stick
  • 100 replacement pool cue tips
  • Triangle pool rack
  • Set of coloured chalk
  • Pool table brush
  • 6-way Mahogany Cue Rack
  • Ambersil pool cloth cleaner spray
  • Color-matched pool cue chalk
  • 50 individual 12mm pool table spots
  • Pool table D-Marker strip
  • Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker Pen (for D Marker)
  • Black Baulk Marking Pencil
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