Double Slotted Security Tokens – Brass


Pack of Eurocoin London brass coin tokens.

  • Material: Solid brass
  • Design: 2x groove on single side

These coin tokens can be used with our S1 Std Token Coin Acceptor, which includes a free programming service to ensure complete compatibility with these Eurocoin brand tokens.
SKU: 21611400 TK000266 21511600 21511400 TK000052 TK000262 21510800 TK000042 21510600 21510400 TK004123 21510200 TK000040 TK000036 21310200 TK000046 TK000049 21010800 TK000027 TK000047 TK000277 TK000091 TK000085 21410800
S1 Std Token Coin Acceptor

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Product Total: £100

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