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6 Port USB Charging Hub


Mobile Phone Charging Box (6 port) for commercial or home use. The SNC Charger is designed to be mounted under poker and gaming tables with two screws.  In the home, place in the kitchen or family room. Home model has two foam plugs to fill in the screw holes on top for pleasing appearance (pictures with green backdrop). 


Charge up to six smartphones, tablets or e-cigarettes in one place. Green LED to show unit is on.  Now you can go to one central place for multiple charging needs.  


Includes power cable.


This unit runs on 120 or 240 VAC and with proper call plug, can be operated in USA, EU and 150 other countries.


Unit will charge up to 6 phones at a time, with 6 USB female Type A outlets.  Phones pull between 1 and 2 AMPS.


Unit also has small rubber feet, and can be used as a table top charger in conventions.

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