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Get a Pool Table That Matches You

Pool tables come in more than green, so why not use another colour cloth for your next table?

With numerous shades of reds, blues, yellows, purples and more, you can felt the perfect pool table to complete any room.

A Pool Table with personality


A Pool Table with class

A Pool Table with mood


A Pool Table with style

Our full range of coloured pool and snooker cloth is produced by Hainsworth, a world-wide industry leader in pool cloths. Hainsworth’s collection of woollen and worsted pool cloths and manufactured entirely in England. Their complete range of traditional English pool cloth are finely woven American pool cloth make them an easy fit in not only colour but also experience.

Hainsworth ELITE-PRO is the top professional choice for super smooth American Pool cloth.

A very high quality worsted cloth weave produces long lasting, high speed play and provides the perfect surface for print personalisation and branding.


The great all-round performer. Hainsworth CLUB is the true benchmark in pool cloth with playability and durability and is recognised as a practical, good performance good value cloth. Satisfying most general uses Hainsworth CLUB provides players with a durable surface that delivers good ball control and speed.

Hainsworth Smart is both extremely hard wearing and independently tested for colour fastness and resistance to fading.

Available in a range of 20 colours, Hainsworth® Smart is the cloth that not only match a club owners décor but exceeds their demands for longevity.


The cloth of ACBS, Match Room Snooker, SPA, BAPTO, EUKPF, the World Pool Championships, French Grand National, British Open and many other tournaments.

Tightly woven from the finest yarns, Match provides spectacular speed and cue ball control with high levels of durability.

Hainsworth PRECISION is the ultimate players challenge.

Specially designed for the professional and for players aspiring to take their game skills to a whole new level, this revolutionary cloth offers impeccable accuracy, sheer speed, ultimate ball control and unrivalled excitement.


Order your coloured snooker and pool cloth and create your personal pool table