E-Service – the solutions provider – at ACOS

E-Service will focus on three tech solutions at the upcoming ACOS show being held on 18th and 19th October at the ILEC Conference Centre in London’s Earls Court.

“Each of these products is designed to provide a unique, affordable and effective solution to a day-to-day issue facing operators. Put simply, e-Service just makes life easier,” says Managing Director Mike Clokie.


The first of these products is the e-Payhub – the wall-mounted cashless payment device, which won’t drain the pool table’s battery or require bulky, heavy weight car batteries to be fitted to the tables themselves. The unit can be installed and set up in minutes and is proven to result in a significant increase in pool table revenue – of up to 30% – making it a very fast ROI.


E-Service has introduced the 3004e – reusing the old Thomas 3004 cabinets, they are shot blasted, primed and powder coated to a colour of the customers’ choice. Additionally, internally, the unit is brought completely up to date with the latest bill validators, hoppers and LCD display. The 3004e features an interactive customer interface, LED lighting and contactless as standard alongside coin and note acceptance. Demand has been huge for this affordable, sustainable solution to bring your change machines back to life!


This easy-to-use age verification system utilises artificial intelligence to help identify and protect against underage gaming or the sale of age-restricted goods. It helps operators to support their staff to challenge and meet licensing objectives, in addition to providing the necessary data to the Commission. Additional features include the facility to upload and display age related advertising.

“Operating is becoming an increasingly complex proposition and wherever possible, operators are trying to use connectivity to automate processes and automatically generate the data required by authorities,” adds Mike. “Whether you need support accepting cash, taking cashless payments or ensuring that your customers are legally of an age to play, we are here to help. Come and chat with us on stand 23 at ACOS to find out more.”

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