e-Payhub Drives Pool Table Income says Baker

Charles Baker, Managing Director at independent operator Keeday Leisure, hails the e-Payhub cashless pool table payment system as the best solution currently on the market.

“We have had a very positive experience with the e-Payhub units from e-Service that we have installed,” he says. “We have not only found the installation to be extremely easy to carry out, we have also seen an upturn in pool table income of between 15 and 20% on average, where they are fitted.”

“Finding a satisfactory cashless pool table payment system is an issue and we have looked at a number of solutions on the market and this is the best we have seen,” he adds. “The perfect solution would be to have a mains connection but this is just not viable in the majority of cases. Therefore, the e-Payhub is the next best thing, with a long battery life and an intuitive interface for players.”

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