e-Payhub is a Game Changer

e-Payhub is helping operators to get more from their pool table operation. The simple to use, wall-mounted hub does away with the need to fit a battery-draining device directly to the table.

The system can be fitted in minutes and has a battery life of up to 12 months, accepting contactless payments and increasing revenues significantly.

Stuart Arnold – Operations Director at Fortuna Entertainment says, “This cashless pool system for me has really changed the game on pool tables and how they can come back to life now we have a tap to pay system. We operated a cashless system prior to using e-Payhub and although it was OK, the e-Payhub has made everything so simple and user-friendly it’s really lifted our cash boxes too.”

Paul Scott, Sales Director at e-Service says, “The e-Payhub is transforming pool payment for operators this summer, boosting cashbox income and ensuring all payment methods are available for customers. Since the launch of e-Payhub at EAG this year we have seen a constant increase in demand for the system. Single site operators are reporting a speedy ROI and their customer are loving the simple player journey, just Tap, Push, Play.”

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