Changing Times

How the change machine can be key to automating your business and even delivering a cashless operation What is the most popular machine in your arcade? Not the pusher, the video simulator or the classic redemption title – chances are it’s the humble change machine, that’s most used by your customers. A stalwart such as the Thomas 3000 or 1000 series, supplied by E-Service, is likely to be your hardest-working piece of kit and chances are it can do even more than you are currently asking of it. • We can add a contactless payment option to your change machine if you haven’t already got one – giving greater flexibility to your customers. • Vending tokens: some operators offer incentives to players by having them purchase tokens through their change machines – for example £10 buy 12 tokens offering extra plays. • Use your change machine in other parts of the business – tokens for lockers, launderettes or car parks. “Although our sector is still driven by cash, our customers are carrying less of it around in their pockets,” says Mike Clokie, Managing Director at E-Service. “Adding contactless to the change machine makes life easier for people to spend money in your venue, so it makes sense to ensure your machines are up to date.” E-Service sels well over a million tokens a year into the leisure industry, offering unique possibilities for branding and loyalty schemes. “It’s time to look at the change machine as the hub in the business which facilitates transactions with customers – including cashless ones. If you need to know more about how we can help either upgrade your existing equipment or supply new – just get in touch,” adds Mike.

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