E-Service Right on Cue with Cashless Pool Payment Hub

A deceptively simple device installed in minutes which enables contactless payments for pool games has captured the imagination of operators and retailers at EAG.
The e-Payhub can be fixed to a wall or bar top near the pool table and communicates wirelessly to deliver the credit. Players do not need an e-wallet on their phone, an app or any other impediment – just a quick tap and the play button on the table will light up to show the game is ready to play.
“We knew this was more than just a neat idea,” says Mike Clokie, Managing Director at E-Service. “It actually is a solution to an issue that was proving difficult to fix – applying a cashless payment device directly to a table will empty the battery within days. By fixing the unit nearby, this issue is easily overcome.
The e-Payhub delivers over 9 months of use from a standard pool table battery. Fewer operator visits are necessary and players also appreciate the simplicity, they just need to Tap, push and play! No fiddling for the correct coins or asking for change at the bar. It’s a win, win.”
Visitors to the E-Service stand during EAG were suitably impressed with the e-Payhub, so much so that another larger production run of the units has been booked in response to the demand. “It was great to see the reaction to this product, everyone immediately understand the potential,” adds Mike. “They would go off and bring colleagues back over to show them the e-Payhub. It was definitely one of the real stars of the show.”

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