Payments Covered – E-Service at EAG 2023

Cash or cashless – whatever payment solution you are seeking, E-Service has you covered at EAG 2023 on stand 240.

From video and novelty equipment to change machines and token dispensers, E-Service can supply it all, as well as being a specialist provider of payment solutions. Taking centre stage on the E-Service stand at EAG 2023, will be e-Payhub, a unique cashless payment option for battery powered pool tables – which has until now been a challenge for operators.

“The problem has always been that fitting a card reader directly to a table would result in a battery life of approximately 3 days, clearly not a workable solution,” says Mike Clokie, E-Service Managing Director. “We have designed and developed the e-Payhub, which maintains battery life similar to that of a coin-operated table, provides for coin and contactless operation and does not require E-Wallets, mobile accounts or any pre-registering by the player.”

This results in a player journey which is as frictionless as playing with cash – one tap of a card and press the button and they are ready to play pool! The e-Payhub point-of-sale unit can be wall or bar top mounted within 15 metres of the table and is paired to a low-powered receiver located within the pool table. This simple plug and play device is installed and working in minutes. Running in conjunction with the existing coin mechanism or in standalone cashless mode.  

The e-Payhub is optimised to work with all types of contactless card readers such as the Nayax Onyx and Payter P66. Providing the card reader supports MDB communications protocol any card reader can be utilised allowing operators to work with their chosen payment solution provider.  

“The benefits of the e-Payhub solution are clear to see, simple plug and play, long battery life, works with all major bank and credit cards, maintains the player journey and if you need more justification, a single e-Payhub can be paired with up to 4 receivers, making it a cost-effective solution for multi-table venues,” adds Clokie. 

E-Service will unveil other new products at EAG, including the Nova 45 and 55, in conjunction with leading payment solutions provider Nayax. These hand-held point of sale devices are configured and customised specifically to each individual business, and once connected to your Nayax account they enable you or your staff to take payments anywhere.  Select or scan products, accept all major credit and debit cards, deliver printed or digital receipts, all from a smart all in one handheld POS unit.  

“Whether you wish to accept cash, are interested in installing a TITO system, or want to accept cashless payments in other ways, E-Service has a raft of options available to you at EAG,” concludes Mike Clokie. “This is in addition to the wide range of parts and components and the market-leading repair service that we continue to offer to the industry. Come and chat to the team on stand 240.”

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