What Products Do E-Service Supply To Combat Machine Fraud?

coin machine fraud

How big is an issue security in your machine operation? Mike Clokie, Managing Director at E-Service summarises some of the key products which can assist operators to combat machine fraud.

There are different ways businesses can experience machine security and fraud, whether it be a direct attack on the machine cabinet to gain entry or attacking peripherals to gain free plays or dump hoppers and note recyclers.

Firstly, I think machine manufacturers should be recognised for the huge improvements they’ve made to cabinet security in recent years which has made a major contribution. Unfortunately there is little security left in the humble RPT lock that has served the industry so well for many years so we took the decision to invest in our own range of high security locks that are cost-effective and prove resistant to the lock picks that are widely available from the internet

Coin Locks

All equipment and peripherals that are serviced by E-Service have the latest software and security features added.  We have a procedure in place in our workshops whereby the supervisors check the equipment manufacturers websites daily for software updates and security enhancements.

We ensure that equipment leaving the building is equipped with the latest hardware, firmware and software to give the best protection to the operators income

To find out more about security products and the latest security software, contact the E-Service team on 01707 280 050 or email sales@e-service.co.uk


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